Wednesday, November 6, 2013

3 years later with the squeem

I planned on leaving this one alone, never to return to update anyone... but that is a foul thing to do.

The fact is, the squeem vest DID not make me this thin... HOWEVER IT DID KICKSTART a weightloss regime for me that has since changed my life.

With the Squeem, I dropped about 20 pounds of weight, wearing it however did not take any more weight off,,, but seeing the 20 pounds lost, I wanted to keep losing weight, but in a healthy way.

I began dieting and excercising, but honestly I never ever would have even began doing that if it weren't for the kick start help that I got with this vest.

I am proof that this works. It will not make you super skinny, but what it will do, is help you begin feeling beautiful again. You will want to be healthy, you will want to be thinner when you see the way the squeem is changing your body.

The squeem for me, literally shrunk my tummy, but my thighs, butt and arms were still very... obtuse... I guess I would call it. This was why I took my own life by the reigns and decided to start a healthy walking/running regime 3 times a week.

I walked 5 miles each time, and eventually got the body that I was looking for.

You too can do this, and YES... The squeem will kickstart your change...

Please read through the rest of the blog - it is years old... but it was my original journey with this product.

Never before did I think I would share my before and after.

I was at one time a 1XL-3XL depending on the brand. Now I am a healthy size medium./ I went from 220 pounds to 110 pounds of new found confidence. Never did I EVER think I would ever be in a bikini... but look.

In this picture... I was at my heaviest. That shirt I wore is now like a parachute to me. I did not allow people to take pictures of my lower half because I was so embarrassed of my body.I am the one not showing her teeth in the image.

This is me now: Transformed.

It was a journey... and I know you too can get there. Have faith... take it day by day.. and never... never put yourself down.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Squeem Vest, and Why I Wanted One

For a few months I had been using Hi Waisted Body Shapers and as much as I loved them, and the firming/slimming results I got with them, I found that they only would last for about 3 months until the crotch area would begin to tear, eventually causing the entire area of my butt to hang out, or my thigh to bulge out on one side, as the shaper slowly tore. Granted I could still wear the thing, it was uncomfortable, and made me feel self conscious.

While browsing on, I found these neat looking vests, and cinchers that looked pretty promising. $70.00 later, I had a Squeem Vest shipped to my door. I was excited to try this vest out, but at the same time skeptical thanks to the negative reviews I found on Amazon.

Some claimed the Squeem Vest's straps dug into their skin, other claimed the vests smelled funny, and some straight up could not get the vest on them.

Here is my story, my 30 day journal with the Squeem Vest, consider it the enchilada of reviews.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 1 With the Squeem Vest

My Squeem Vest finally made it to my door, and I did not hesitate to try it on. I had read on a few reviews that the size charts were not accurate, but only a few people complained about the sizing issues. I wear a size XL tank top, and figure that a size XL Squeem Vest would be the correct sizing for me.

Thankfully I was correct. I imagine those who complained about the vest coming in the wrong size, tried ordering a size down hoping it would suck in more of their gut. Well ladies, you have to order the appropriate size, or you won't be able to get this vest on.

Mine came packaged in a lovely pink box, with care directions and all of that good stuff.

My first goal was to get the vest on.

I undressed and places the straps over my shoulders. I did not need to adjust them, they were sized perfectly for me, but for those who need to, you can adjust the straps to make them tighter, or loose.

In order to get the vest on, I had to lie down on my back on my bed, and slowly work each hook into place. There are approximately 2 rows of hooks allowing you to tighten the vest as you lose stomach weight. I had to start with the very last set of hooks. They are similar to bra hooks, and were easy to hook into place.

The Rubber Tire Smell?

Maybe for some, but not my Squeem Vest. It did have a very slight rubbery smell to it, but once the vest was on the scent vanished. However the rubber scent is not as dramatic and awful as some described it in their reviews on Amazon. You notice it once, and only once, the very first few moments after removing the vest from

A tip:

Start with the top hooks near your breast, and work your way down. When you stand up you can pull the vest down into place.



So I got the vest on without a problem. It took me a good while to get adjusted though. The squeem vest automatically props up your boobs, and makes them appear larger. Personally I did not like the extra assets, as it made me feel barrel chested at first.

Immediately while standing you feel like you are going to bust out of your vest, so you feel this driving force to sit up straight while sitting, and you will walk without a slouch. This is a good thing, as the vest improves not only your gut, but your posture in general.

The one thing I noted on day 1 was that the vest bunches up in the back a little, creating a ripple, which is not at all obvious unless you are wearing a super tight shirt. The bunching at first made me feel self conscious though, as if people behind me could see it, and would think it was a roll of back fat. I had to wear a light jacket over my shirt on the first day just so I would feel comfortable as I got used to wearing the vest.

I noticed that I began to sweat while wearing the vest, however the sweat was contained inside of the vest, this is how it works, you sweat due to the rubber, this is normal.

I wore the vest for a full 8 hours as directed. After removing it, I noticed a little reddening in my hip area, but nothing drastic, nor was there any skin pinching.

Now I wanted to cover some of the negatives that others have said about the vest.

-First and foremost, the shoulder straps do not dig into the skin and rip skin. If this is the case, then the vest you ordered is too small for your body. Order a size or 2 up.

-The vest will hook closed, if you ordered the appropriate size.

-The vest will not cut off circulation and cause breathing problems, if you ordered the correct size.

-The vest does not reek of a rubbery tire scent

What It Did For Me- Day 1

-It sucked in my gut, and gave me a much tighter and firmer looking stomach. I was happy with that.

-It lifted my boobs up a bit

-It caused me to sweat at my back and stomach

-It caused me to stop slouching while standing, walking, and sitting.

The whole purpose of the vest is to help you drop down a few pant sizes. After using it for just 8 hours, I must say that I do think it will work.

----My start off pant size = 14

Let's see if that number drops by day 30 shall we?
Get Yours!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 2 Wearing The Squeem Vest

It's been 4 hours in now since I put the Squeem Vest on. It seems to have been stretched out a bit and fits more precisely and comfortably than yesterdays trials. Either that it took off a bit of belly fat, but my pants fit the same once the Squeem is taken off. So nothing to note yet in that department.

It's hot out today, and I can feel sweat building up as I slightly move around. Nothing is dripping out of the vest though, so all is well.

I decided to add a bit of Neutrogena Firming Cream to my stomach before putting the vest on today, hopefully that helps. Squeem sells firming gel that you can add to your stomach before putting the vest on, but I found the gel too be far too expensive, and I already spent $70.00 on the vest, so... yeah.

So far though, so good. My stomach feels and looks firm and flat, and there is no discomfort or pinching to make note of.

I'm also sitting up straighter on my own, without feeling like I have to work at it, like I did yesterday. I'm getting used to it, and so far so good.

After 8 Full Hours On Day 2

After making it through my full work day, I finally got home and removed the Squeem Vest, I must say I am really growing fond of this thing. After removing the vest, I can notice a clear and obvious difference. My stomach stood flatter for hours after removing the vest, and the red marks I had yesterday were not present today.

My pants still fit the same around my waist after removing the squeem, but I notice that the abdomen area is slightly slimmer. I did not expect results this quickly, especially considering that I did not move around or do any exercise during my sit down desk job, that I didn't do any other day without the vest. Dare I say that I'm loosing belly fat by just sitting on my ass?

I can't say for sure just yet, but it certainly looks that way.

Try This Too- Crown Hi Waisted Pants Liner

I have been buying Crown Hi Waisted Pants Liner from Lady Grace for about a year now, and whenever an old one fades, I replace it with a new one, and here is why:

1. The Crown Hi Waisted Pants Liner does not squeeze the thigh area like many body shapers and above the knee shapers do.

2. It goes down to the mid-calf area, which is perfect because many women have a bit of bulge near their knees that they want to firm up a bit. The Crown Hi Waisted Pants Liner will do just that. It squeezes you in all the right places giving off a nice smooth sleek look to the leg.

3. They are made with quality in mind, and won't rip or tear like other liners.

4. They are nearly the only body shapers that offer such length. Most are only thigh high.

5. They work at sucking in your stomach, thighs and butt.

I pair them up with my Squeem Vest for an all out firm sleek look. It works, and works well.

I'm a size 14 pants, and buy the Crown Hi Waisted Pants Liner in a size 38, in case you are wondering, or need help figuring out the size you might need.

Day 3: Does The Squeem Vest Really Work?

It has been 3 days now, and I have been using the Squeem Vest for 3 days now. Unfortunately my monthly Aunt Flo came to town, and my stomach is more bloated than usual, the Squeem Vest did manage to press it down, but there is a slight bulge at my lower tummy.

Without the vest though, the bulge would be a lot bigger... aka looking preggers gut.

I'm glad the Squeem pressed it down and gave it a more slender appearance, but due to the pushing and pressure I have some cramping and feel a bit uncomfortable... so there you have it... the Squeem Vest can be worn during your period when bloating is more obvious, but it will not work as well on days when you're not having your period. Ugh!

At any rate, I'm not in any pain, and I know I can wear the vest for the majority of the day, and into the night, since I have a BBQ I have to attend. I have a hunch I'm going to feel uncomfortable, but eh... it is what it is.